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Solutions for Technology Companies
Bridge the gap between your technology offerings and service excellence, ensuring your systems are perfectly aligned with your operational needs.
Seamless Integration Meets Strategic Innovation

Delivering technology services at scale despite aggressive competition, pressure on margins, and a rapidly rising demand for digital skills is your top priority.


Respond to these challenges by breaking down departmental barriers and using advanced forecasting tools to match supply with growing demand.

Maximize your potential with a comprehensive solution.

Your goal is to leverage your services team to accelerate time-to-value, with customers seeing the benefit from your product as soon as possible. This means having the right resource available to take on the right project at the right time, which requires alignment across sales, resourcing and delivery teams.

At Rodina Consulting, we understand the dynamics within technology companies. Through working with multiple software organizations with embedded professional services, we see the need for CPQ with a PSA solution. Recognizing the distinct challenges in configuring quotes, billing for time and products we know that a one-size-fits-all system falls short. 

Financial Services

Questions about how Rodina can help your business? 

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