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The Best Industry Cloud for Professional Services

Do what you do best, even better

The Kantata Industry Cloud for Professional Services™ is purpose-built for the next generation professional services organization. A resource-first architecture, gives services businesses the power to make the most of your resources, increase customer satisfaction, profitability, and business scalability.

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Resource Management

Your resources are the heart of your business. Get a software solution purpose-built for the resource management realities you face every day.


  • Manage more dynamically - Maximize client outcomes with access to data from all your systems all in one place.

  • Plan for success - Streamline forecasting and use resource more effectively.

  • Make analytics your advantage - Surface best-fit matches and know every possibility for smarter staffing.

  • Match skills more effectively - Improve project delivery with best-fit staffing.

  • Forecast with greater confidence - Tap into a full suite of forecasting tools to maximize your future-readiness.

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Project Accounting

Increase accuracy and maximize profitability. Improve bottom-line results with in-the-moment financial insights.

  • Get better control - Maximize project profitability, make informed decisions and improve the bottom-line with real-time visibility into current forecast and revenue recognition.​

  • Prevent errors and revenue leakage - Stay ahead of financial management issues on a project and monthly basis.

  • Optimize billing and payments - Invoice at the earliest possible opportunity to maximize cash flow and reduce debt.

  • Streamline month-end - Get a clear picture of revenue with automatic forecast updates as revenue is recognized.

  • Simplify time and expense submissions - Give users options to make time expense tasks easier from wherever they are.

Business Intelligence

Bring together all the data you need to work smarter and drive continuous improvement. Robust reporting, real-time monitoring, and customization put you in control.

  • Integrated insights - With Kantata, all your operational data is in one place and easy to access with customizable dashboards and over 60 meaningful, services-centric reports.

  • Scale with Confidence - Create a roadmap for growth. Kantata's forecasting tools let you look ahead, plan for success, and forge a more confident future.

  • Make informed decisions - With real-time contextual insights at your fingertips, you can streamline your entire operation, inform decisions, processes, and planning to optimize outcomes.

  • Enhance execution - Empower your team and improve performance at every level by boosting visibility, control and actionable data that supports each role.

  • Manage your data, your way - Customize data with tailored templates, comprehensive filtering and flexible configuration tools.

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Project Management

Kantata is specifically designed to keep professional service projects on track and keep the bottom line in mind.

  • Take control for better results - Stay on schedule, on budget and on track with robust tools and access to critical project data.

  • Gain total visibility - Make better decisions at every step with all your project portfolio information in one place.

  • Make automation your advantage - Simplify and accelerate vital project management processes by infusing automation into your operation for consistency at scale.

  • Power continual movement - Understand exactly where your project stands at any given moment and adjust mid-flight.

  • Empower your team - Keep your people productive and projects moving forward by connecting your favorite apps and tools.

Team Collaboration

Improve outcomes with a single, powerful platform as the foundation for collaboration.

  • Achieve next level collaboration. - Put critical information at your team's fingertips so everyone stays on the same page.

  • Bring people together - With remote work the new norm, ensure project teams work cohesively, wherever they are.

  • Stay on track - Deliver on your desired outcomes at every stage of the project lifecycle.

  • Keep everything in one place - Unify your network and connect your favorite tools.

  • Reach your goals with confidence - Provide a single source of truth from the onset from sales through delivery.

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Integrations & Workflow

Built-in integrations for existing tools and systems. Empower your teams and extend the value of your technology investment.

  • Integrate your systems and processes - Bring together the tools tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

  • Gain visibility plus flexibility - View your entire project portfolio at once. Accelerate time to value and add efficiency to project management.

  • Execute with Precision - Keep your services delivery lifecycle closely aligned to your business strategy.


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