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The Right Solution for Professional Services Firms

Kantata (Formerly Kimble) is one of the only intelligent PSA applications on the Salesforce platform. Embedded with Sales Cloud (Salesforce CRM), the app offers category-leading capabilities in revenue forecasting and revenue recognition, resource planning, project management, billing, and mobile time and expense entry.

Why choose Rodina Consulting as your Kantata Consultants?

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Rodina Consulting has been partnered with Kantata since our inception and our internal adoption of Kantata has proven pivotal in our own journey. As active contributors to Kantata's development, we have an in-depth understanding of the solution and  we see the tremendous value it brings to a growing organization.

Kantata’s purpose-built platform was designed by consultants, for consultants. Our team of experts will advise you when customizing functionalities, based upon best practices. With a comprehensive grasp of end-to-end solutions and Kantata's integrations, we possess the acumen to optimize your systems and we will tailor the solution to your business needs.

Project Scoping & Pricing

Kantata offers an integrated solution for scoping managers, granting immediate sales data access and Intelligent Insights for informed decisions. Through user-friendly proposal templates and an intuitive modeler, Kantata streamlines scoping and resource allocation, fostering collaboration between sales and resourcing. 

Time and Expense

Whether you’re tracking time and expenses or approving them, Kantata makes it easy to stay on top of things. Your team's time, expenses, and invoices are linked to the tasks and projects they impact, helping you better manage your budget and ensure that your business is profitable.

Resource Management

As a Resource Manager, Kantata streamlines staffing through automated matching, early supply-demand warnings, and soft booking capabilities. It also provides a bench view for balanced utilization. Kantata boosts employee satisfaction and optimizes resource allocation for better business performance.


Kantata's flexible invoicing tool interfaces with your finance system, minimizing manual errors and ensuring precise AR balances. Automate the creation of invoices to manage large quantities and streamline the billing process.

Kantata PSA puts service delivery at the heart of your business

Kantata’s Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution provides the operational framework required to run a connected and efficient services business. 

Project Management

Kantata streamlines project management, ensuring effective oversight and predictable delivery. The dashboard keeps you up to-date with context sensitive insights that help prioritize the most important tasks. Task planning aids in managing work breakdowns and resource allocation. Kantata's insights prompt urgent tasks, such as timesheet approval.

Business Intelligence

Kantata’s Business Intelligence brings together all your data and insights for smarter decision-making. A collection of other out-of-the-box and customizable reports supply engagement data to sales, resourcing, delivery and finance to help your entire organization make more informed decisions proactively.

Team Collaboration

Connect people, resources and conversations across projects to improve outcomes.  Embedded, followable Feeds support collaboration amongst teams to ensure delivery teams are up-to-date and increase visibility into project milestones. Drive client engagement by collaborating and sharing key project information using the Community.

Revenue Recognition

Achieve greater efficiency and reduced costs while keeping up with your pricing and billing, minimizing human errors, and maintaining compliance. Kantata ensures that you are consistent in how revenue and cost is recognized across all of your engagements and allows businesses to know how their engagement will report revenue and cost over time.  

Period Management

Period Management reconciles forecast and actuals, and enables an accurate and complete Forecast. It aids in ultimately determining Resource Availability, Revenue Forecasting, and Sales Forecasting, and closing Periods on time helps Kantata SX to provide an accurate and up-to-date view of your complete Revenue and Cost.


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Rodina Consulting & Kantata SX: The Right Solution for Professional Service Firms
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