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Rodina Connector

The Only Kimble-Trello Integration Solution in the Industry

The Rodina Connector integrates Kimble PSA and Trello to build powerful collaboration across teams and external organizations

Through our industry expertise we make great products better.  Get more out of your Project Management tools.


Connect the Solutions that Drive Services Success

Boost Kimble PSA adoption and increase Trello productivity throughout your entire organization by incorporating them together with the Rodina Connector.


Save administrative hours, automate processes, and bring the entire organization onto one data model to achieve new levels of performance and ease of use.

Turn Trello into an Optimized User Interface for Kimble PSA

Our Solution
  • Disconnected internal PSA and customer facing PM tools.

  • Automatically builds an integrated customer facing project board with complete task plans.

  • Duplicate effort. Laborious processes. Slow and incomplete data updates.

  • Auto populates real time updates. Enter data in one system only once. Allows users to use their tool of choice.

  • Frequent errors caused by repetition in manual entry.

  • Improves data accuracy. Faster decisions with rich context to data.

  • Not able to share critical work items and track all effort to completeness.

  • Share and collaborate with internal and external teams. Maximum transparency. Better customer experience.