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Rodina & Salesforce

The #1 CRM Solution 

for Services Businesses

Salesforce brings customers and companies together

Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform helps businesses of all sizes accelerate sales, automate tasks and make smarter decisions so you can grow your business faster. It provides powerful, connected products for improving your marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and more. What is CRM?

Platform and Ecosystem


Extend your sales and service capabilities with the world’s #1 CRM platform.


Streamline, automate, and mobilize any business process using third-party apps or custom apps that you build yourself. The AppExchange is a proven ecosystem of apps, with millions of installs and thousands of customer reviews to help Salesforce users find the best match for their business.


Whether you’re looking for applications to accelerate internal implementations, or looking to grow your business by selling apps or components to other customers, the AppExchange can help you go faster.

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Create transparent, secure customer experiences with Platform.


As data intelligence becomes more prevalent as a way for companies to understand and serve customers better, it is critical that companies remain accountable for safeguarding the privacy and security of individuals’ data.


As the #1 CRM platform, Salesforce provides companies like yours with the tools to build trust while enhancing customer experiences. Gain increased transparency and control of your customers' data, all while harnessing the power of that data to connect with customers in new ways.

Workflow Rules & Process Builder


Tools that help you automate your business processes.


Workflow Rules & Process Builder are powerful tools that allow simple automation of your business processes without writing even a single line of code. It uses a user-friendly, visual representation to make it easier for you to work with.

Many of the tasks you assign, the emails you send, and other record updates are vital parts of your standard processes. Instead of doing this repetitive work manually, you can configure processes to do it automatically. Process Builder helps you automate your business processes and gives you a graphical representation as you build it.

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Reports & Dashboards


Dashboards can help your leadership make everyday decisions.


Salesforce Reports and Dashboards are powerful ways to not only engage users but to also make users more productive.

The real-time sales data available on Salesforce dashboards gives companies increased visibility of real-time information, allowing the speed and agility necessary to refine business processes and therefore drive results.



Share expertise, files, and data across your company on the Enterprise Social Network.


  • Drive Productivity - ​​Connect, engage, and motivate employees to work efficiently regardless of their role or location.

  • Accelerate InnovationProvide a forum for anyone to share insights or propose new ideas.

  • Share KnowledgeShare knowledge, files, and data. Connect with experts from across your organization regardless of their role or location.

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