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Why Rodina Consulting?

Expand your business and drive operational excellence with best-in-class solutions and expert guidance.
At Rodina Consulting we are business application experts who deliver complete lead-to-cash cloud computing solutions for your specific needs.

With consultants who are experts in a wide range of solutions, we find the best solution to expand your business, tailored to your specific needs.

Diverse Experience

We have the business know-how to architect solutions that fully support your business goals and processes. With our technology expertise we implement solutions that integrate seamlessly into your current systems.

Business Acumen

Our unique relationships with our partners are central to our business methodology. Through our close partnerships, we have developed deep insights into the products that allow for an unparalleled understanding of the solutions.

Strategic Partners
project-management (3).png
Scope Projects with Confidence
  • ​​Leverage past project experience to drive improved project planning

  • Ensure products are packaged with services in the best way possible to go to market 

  • Gain visibility into opportunity and account management for effective pipeline performance

  • Present the most qualified candidates for each opportunity by aligning skills with customer needs

  • Adopt enterprise wide real-time utilization rates​ and revenue, cost, margin and usage forecasting

Maximize the Value of Your Service Professionals
  • Gain visibility into the workforce to hire, retain, and motivate the right talent
  • Proactively market available resources against anticipated customer requirements
  • Align skills and experience with service requirements
  • Match client engagement opportunities with essential and/or available resources
  • Create and administer an effective training and skills development environment for all employees
Standardize Consistent
Service Delivery
  • ​Understand contract entitlements prior to service delivery

  • Deliver contracted service based on service agreements

  • Effective risk identification and response planning

  • Proactive project monitoring and reporting

  • Capture and process all project costs to control overall portfolio costs

  • Optimize activities to effectively utilize resources

  • Track all internal capital asset costs

  • Manage contract performance and margin analysis

  • Cross-charging and inter-company billing

Improve Cash Management
Drive Operational Efficiencies
  • Reduce costs with intuitive employee self service for time and expense collection

  • Deliver flexible and paperless billing for customers

  • Improve invoicing accuracy and reduce days sales outstanding

  • Period management​ to gain operational insight and measure true client profitability

  • Align talent pool to current and future customer demand

Master the Solutions.

Scoping -  Resourcing - Delivery - Finance - Operations

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