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Sage Intacct

The Best Cloud Accounting Solution for Services Businesses

In professional services, you need a cloud-based accounting solution that helps ensure profitable operations and improve customer satisfaction. Whatever your industry, Sage Intacct has the accounting software that streamlines accounting operations and provides unprecedented financial visibility to enable your business to scale new heights.

Rodina Consulting as your ERP Solution Consultants


Rodina Consulting will maximize the full potential of Sage Intacct as your ERP solution. We will assist you through implementation, data migration, system development and training and will customize the solution to your business.  Rodina Consulting’s team are trained experts in Sage Intacct implementation and optimization and will ensure seamless integration with any other platforms.

Order Management

Cloud-based order management software streamlines complex quote-to-cash processes, handling high order volumes, intricate order processing, inventory challenges, and pricing structures to save time and improve accuracy.  Automate multi-channel order management, integrated with Salesforce CRM for seamless quote-to-order cycles.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable software improves efficiency through process automation, multiple payment options, recurring invoices, and document attachments. It seamlessly integrates with other systems, automates transaction posting, ensures accurate sales tax calculations, and offers real-time visibility via customizable dashboards and reports.

Cash Management

Cash management software provides real-time visibility into your cash position, allowing you to track payments, transactions, and accounts across locations and entities. Simplify cash management by importing financial statements, automating reconciliation, and offering flexibility in applying payments and transferring funds between accounts as needed.

Intelligent General Ledger

With a powerful and flexible general ledger, users can generate real-time reports and dashboards using customizable dimension values and easily manage complex financials for multiple entities. Enable efficient period-end closings, currency conversion automation and side-by-side comparison of financial statements based on different standards.

Accounts Payable

Sage Intacct's accounts payable management software automates manual processes, streamlining workflows and saving time and money. It offers configurable approvals, real-time access to payment and reporting data, and enhances internal controls with customizable workflows and spending limits for budget compliance.


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5 Ways CFOs Can Increase Project Profitability

Sage Intacct: The leader in cloud financial management software.
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