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Software & Hardware


Services Drives Success

Your goal is to leverage your services team to accelerate time-to-value, with customers seeing the benefit from your product as soon as possible. This means having the right resource available to take on the right project at the right time, which requires alignment across sales, resourcing and delivery teams.

Create the framework you need to deliver successful projects that build long-lasting business partnerships with your customers.

Software & Hardware
Technology Consulting
Technology Consulting


Optimize service delivery to meet the demands of digitization

Delivering technology services at scale despite aggressive competition, pressure on margins, and a rapidly rising demand for digital skills is your top priority. Successful IT Services vendors are responding to these challenges by breaking down departmental barriers and using advanced forecasting tools to match supply with their growing demand.

Create the foundation to run a joined-up, profitable services organization and provide the intelligent analytics you need to match resource planning with your current and future demand.

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Architecture, Engineering & Contruction
Architecture, Engineering
& Construction


Improve business predictability and performance

In a competitive industry, having a predictable and replicable process for winning and delivering projects — one which optimizes the use of resources and keeps costs low — can drive revenue growth.

Protect and increase operating margins by ensuring the capacity and availability of project resources throughout the entire lifecycle of construction engagements.

Staffing & Recruiting

Resource Optimization


Resource management tools provide a clear view of consultant availability and scheduling across all your practices, geographies and skills including vacations, part-time working and country-specific hours.

Soft booking of resources for projects currently in the sales pipeline provides early visibility into upcoming demand.

Advanced planning tools guide your managers to find the most efficient scenario for resource allocation and utilization.

Monitoring of over-utilization helps you spot potential consultant burn-out, helping you retain top talent, and prevents the high costs and associated delays of finding a replacement.

Staffing & Recruiting
Making Notes
Management Consulting


Align your business around the processes that drive success

Your goal is to provide the right resources at the right time to maximize your client’s business performance. Gain the operational framework you need to align your entire organization towards that mission.

Create the foundation to run a joined-up, profitable consulting business and provide the intelligent analytics you need to confidently match resource planning with your current and future demand.

Management Consulting
Accounting Firms
Accounting Firms


Accounting and Finance Tools that Keep Up with Your Business

Streamline and automate the critical processes, reduce the spreadsheets headaches, and get greater visibility into your real-time business performance.


Easily tailor the cloud financial system to your business by configuring workflows, screens, and preferences without the costly coding or scripting. Cloud financials are everything you need to increase team productivity, make faster decisions, and drive your business forward.

Education Services
Education & Training Services


Become a connected campus

Empower your institution with 360-degree views across the entire student lifecycle. Deliver the personalized engagements, proactive advice, and connected experiences students expect from the moment they express interest in your campus. Prepare students for the future of work, fostering community-driven innovation.

Connect all your systems, data, and people to create new efficiencies in communications, student management, enrollment, and fundraising. Empower your schools and to engage key constituents and drive student success.

Publishing, Media & Marketing


Speak to customers with the right message, in the right tone, at the right time

Create a seamless experience across every customer touchpoint with integrated marketing tools. Deliver personalized customer journeys powered by the intelligent marketing platform for email, mobile, social, digital advertising, and a data management platform.

  • Deploy campaigns quickly, collaborate with your teams using mobile apps, and keep your customers engaged

  • Personalize digital communications

  • Manage B2C or B2B

  • Engage your community with empathy

  • Optimize your spending

Publishing, Media & Marketing
Legal Practices
Image by Claire Anderson
Legal Practices

Digitization and artificial intelligence are set to dramatically change the dynamics of the Legal Industries


Industry analysts forecast that over 40% of current roles will be replaced by artificial intelligence within the next twenty years. Business transformation this profound requires equally radical and innovative solutions for businesses to succeed. Firms can no longer rely on the ad hoc processes they have used historically. Operations management has to respond at the speed of the new technologies.

By integrating scoping, project management, talent usage, revenue management and billing, businesses can not only benefit from greater efficiency and scalability but can also access the enhanced foresight and collaboration that comes with total operational visibility.

Financial Services
Financial Services


Top performing finance leaders are forward-thinkers who rely on real-time insights to make smarter decisions


Nurture your assets under management through direct investments and real estate, add new legal entities in minutes, and make data-driven decisions based on consolidated, multi-entity financials.

  • Use best-in-class, multi-dimensional reporting that deliver real-time insights across multi-entities

  • Reduce consolidations from weeks to minutes

  • Reduce costs by 80-90% in the cloud



Equip your team with 360-degree views that connect and engage patients, members, employees, and partners

  • Providers - Create personalized engagements that lead to better overall patient experience while improving health outcomes at the same time

  • Payers - Create a seamless experience across the entire member journey, from acquisition and onboarding, through engagement and retention

  • Pharmaceuticals - Acquire, support, and engage patients throughout their health journey with a streamlined engagement platform that connects people, data, and processes

  • Medical Devices - Achieve commercial excellence by connecting sales, business operations, and patient services teams with critical data and actionable insights



Manage your organization's complexity to pursue your mission more efficiently

  • Leverage a unified view of supporters and revenue to create donor-centric experiences to drive fundraising performance.

  • Connect, organize, and scale your services and programs to deliver, measure, and optimize impact.

  • Achieve efficiency and clarity when you’re operating different legal entities with different currencies and tax jurisdictions.

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